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TIME10 e-system Demo


Is the e-system really so simple to use? TOP
Yes, once the e-system is set up, it is really easy to use. The administration area is split into clear sections and it is really straighforward to add products and setup any of the site features. For those who need it, there is a full help system just a click away on any topic you are working on.

But how powerful is it? TOP

Don't let the ease of use deceive you. This system has been very carefully worked out to be extremely powerful but very intuative to use.
The products for example can have several images each, can be in several categories at once, have pop up boxes for further information, have drop down boxes for up to 5 different options per product, show related items, show sale prices... the list goes on.

Why use a local accountant? TOP
Answer here


50.8mm x 25.4mm Labels 5k/roll

45mm x 35mm Semi Gloss Plain Labels

2011 July 15th - Course 1

2011 July 23rd - Course 2

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