Our Way
We know that some companies don't want to budget or cannot afford to spend many thousands of pounds on their websites, then have to continue paying to keep them up to date. We assess customers individually and sometimes we may offer a different kind of partnership, one we have found to be very successful in both keeping costs down and in maximising income from a website.

This is our part commission option. It gives us a stake (and of course the risk) in your company's online success - what better incentive for us to make your site sell more? After all, credit card companies charge a fee every time an order is processed. Why not pay a small commission to the person who did the most to bring you those sales? Our service lowers your startup costs immensely and continues being cost effective permanently. If we think you are suitable, our part commission option works like this:

  • We design and build your website at a substantial discount, typically at half rate (though the small costs of domains and hosting are fixed).
  • We do a lot of search engine keyword research to ensure you can get the site relevantly well placed when you do any Google or Yahoo type pay per click advertising. Instead of you paying for our time doing this work, you get our advice and keyword research for free, only paying the Google or Yahoo charges.
  • We continue to do any work on the website at the reduced rate (we have clients who change much of their catalogues twice a year and we do all that work at reduced rate).
  • We charge a commission (at an agreed rate) on net completed (i.e. where the goods are delivered and not returned) sales though the website.
  • If the website becomes a proven success, we might even start to do everything on the website for nothing, relying on just the commission.

Of course this option is not suitable for everyone. If you don't sell a product online, it is not suitable and we will only agree to this option if we feel there is a reasonable chance of recovering our costs over time.