This demo is fully working EXCEPT that you will not actually get any goods and your credit card will not be debited!

See how easy it is for your customers. Choose an age range on one of the drop down boxes below, click the order button and the item is added to your order. Pick Continue Shopping and choose another item. The items are totalled up, with a shipping charge, once you choose your location. Shipping can be worked out in several ways and you can offer discounts for large orders. There are lots of options for adding things in different ways to the cart which should cover every kind of situation or product you may have to sell.

Customers get clear information about their order and when they finish, they get an email confirmation as well. When you try it out, make sure you enter your valid email address so that you get the automatic dummy order confirmation.

Please note that we sometimes use this shopping cart account as a test for our new websites, so the features in it may vary from time to time.

Dinosaur with Tail
All-in-one cotton outfit. Machine washable. Ages 3-7.



All-in-one gingham suit. Machine washable. Ages 3-7.



Clown Hat. One size CCLH 5.95


The cart is so flexible, customers can use it to order anything. For example, if you quote for a bespoke service, once you have agreed with your customer a price, you can just ask them to make an order via a form like this where they enter the amount and a description or order reference number and they can leave their credit card details on the secure server as if they were just adding things to the cart.
Price (e.g. 5.95 - no currency symbols)

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